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Established in 2002, the programme is associated with the Institute of Statistics and Econometrics and the Department of Economics, by which it is linked to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Leibnizstraße 1-3

Leibnizstraße 1-3; Foto: Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

Overview on Erich-Schneider-Seminar

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    Erich-Schneider-Seminar in winter term 2021/2022:

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    • 25.10.  Lisandra Flach, IfO
    • 08.11.  Marco Caliendo, University of Potsdam, online presentation
    • 06.12.  Miriam Beblo, University of Hamburg, online presentation
    • 10.01.  Jörg Baten, University of Tübingen, presence planned
    • 24.01.  Jens Wrona, University of Duisburg-Essen, presence planned

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    Next ESS talk by Lisandra Flach

    on Monday, October 25, 4:15-5:30 pm, IfW-Lecture Hall

    (3G-rule, entrance only granted if fully vaccinated, recovered or tested)

    "Robotizing to Compete: Evidence from the Eastern European Enlargement"