Ph.D. Programme Quantitative Economics

First exam period of summer term 2017: 17. - 29. July 2017
TIME TABLE (as of May 3rd, 2017)
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Monday, 17.07.2017
Tuesday, 18.07.2017
Wednesday, 19.07.2017
Thursday, 20.07.2017
Friday, 21.07.2017
Saturday, 22.07.2017
Monday, 24.07.2017
Tuesday, 25.07.2017
Wednesday, 26.07.2017
Thursday, 27.07.2017
Friday, 28.07.2017
Saturday, 29.07.2017
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Withdrawal from an exam registration is possible until 8 days prior to the exam date.
In case of sickness, hand in a doctor's confirmation (Ärztliches Attest) at the programme's administration office.
If you do not attend an exam and have neither cancelled the registration nor called in sick, the exam will be resulted as "failed".