Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Advanced Studies Program (ASP)

Established in 1984 the Kiel Institute's Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research is a ten-month program, which offers:

  • first-rate academic and applied training in global economic research
  • compact, high-level courses taught by leading scholars from various universities
  • top conditions for own applied research through direct access to the world's largest economics library plus support from experienced researchers of the Kiel Institute
  • excellent foundations for a successful career with international organizations, domestic policy and academic institutions, and international corporations


As long as capacity allows, students of the Doctoral Programme have the opportunity to participate in the ASP without having to pay the tuition fee.

Our students can either visit selected courses (which then can be used as a specialization course for the curriculum) or attend the full ASP. However, this is only possible from the second year of doctoral studies within our programme on and it should be considered that attending the full ASP might prolong the duration of the doctoral studies in total by one year.

See full information provided, including the application form

As a doctoral candidate of Quantitative Economis, state this within your application. The participation will be verified by our Administration Office, the Chair and/or your Supervisor.