Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

<h5><a class="external-link" href="" target="_blank">&nbsp;Prof. Dr. Thomas Lux</a></h5>

Professor of Monetary Economics and International Finance

He held a professorship in Economics at the University of Bonn before joining the Department of Economics in 2000.

Prof. Lux's research interests cover various theoretical and empirical aspects of Financial Economics.

He has published widely in economic journals like the Economic Journal, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. Due to his interests in applying tools from statistical physics in Financial Economics, some of his recent output also appeared in journals like Nature, Physica A and Reports on Progress in Physics, among others. Prof. Lux is associate editor of the journals Quantitative Finance and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and co-editor of the book series Dynamic Economics.