Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Summer term 2009

Date Location Speaker Topic
27.04.2009 IfW
Lecture Hall
Onur Koska
University of Otago
A Model of Competition between Multinational Firms
10.05.2009 WSP1
Frode Steen
NHH Bergen
Gasoline Prices Jump up on Mondays:
An Outcome of Aggressive Competition?
08.06.2009 IfW
Lecture Hall
Ralph Winkler
ETH Zürich
Intergenerational Equitity in Long-run Decision Problems Reconsidered
15.06.2009 WSP1
Leo von Thadden
European Central Bank
Monetary and Fiscal Policy Separations:
"Single Economy" vs. "Monetary Union" Issues
20.06.2009 IfW
Lecture Hall
Christian Haefke
Institut für Höhere Studien, Wien
Wage Rigidity and Job Creation
29.06.2009 WSP1
Harry Paarsch
University of Meldbourne
Implementing Faustmann:
Stochastic Dynamic Programming in Space
06.07.2009 IfW
Lecture Hall
Bernd Lucke
Universität Hamburg
Letting Different Views about Business Cycles Compete
13.07.2009 WSP1
Veronika Belousova
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Performance and Efficiency of Russian Commercial Banks
24.07.2009 WSP1
Kirill Pogorelskiy
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Power and Preferences: An Experimental Approach

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