Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Travelling Expenses

Travelling expenses for conference visits or research stays cannot be covered by the doctoral programme due to limited funds.



At the faculty's deanery the so-called Möller-Mittel are available for conference visits. Covering up to 2/3, max. of 600,00 Euro per candidate per year, of not otherwise covered travelling costs.

An application has to be send to the programme's Administration Office in advance of the trip, enclosing an invitation and a calculation of the expected travelling costs as well as a statement of the supervisor. Before being forwarded to the deanery, the application has to be approved by signature by the head of programme as well as by the department's managing director.


Grants at the Graduate Center

The Graduate Center provides grants for research stays or conference visits as well as for measures shaping your personal profile amounting up to 500,00 Euro. Furthermore grants for self-organized small workshops amounting up to 2.000,00 Euro are available.

Please see the website for more specified information on the requirements and application procedure.