Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Doctoral Seminar in Financial Economics

June 5

Topic: Estimating heterogeneous agents behavior with different investment horizons in stock markets
4-5 pm Zhenxi Chen

Topic: Construction and Analysis of a Realistic Bipartite Credit Network between Banks and Firms
5-6 pm Thomas Lux

July 3

Topic: Stock price modellizing by statistical physics system and financial time series analysis
4-5 pm Hongli Niu

Topic: Financial Network Structure and Systemic Risk
5-6 pm Alexandrina Braack

July 10

Topic: Bipartite Network and Bank-Firm Interrelations
4-5 pm Duc Thi Luu

Topic: Contagion risk in the Interbank Market: a Probabilistic Approach to Cope with Incomplete Structural Information
5-6 pm Mattia Montagna

The seminar will be in room 506 -WSP1.