Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Application, selection and admission

Annually about 5 out of around 100 applicants will be admitted to the doctoral programme "Quantitative Economics". Admissions through the selection procedure are effective as of each winter term, meaning as of October. The annual deadline for applications is March 31st; the application portal will be opened at the beginning of each year. Only (completed) applications through our online portal meeting the requirements of enclosures are accepted and will be handled within the selection process.

Consisting of 6 professors, the admission committee evaluates each application and meets for their final decision making around mid-May. Once the decision has been made and the programme's administration office has been informed on the results, the applicants will be informed. Please understand that individual reasoning in case of rejections is not possible due to the high number of applicants. Approved applications will be given a deadline of about one week to whether accept or reject their spot within the programme. A waiting list, especially for the spot including a stipend funded by the programme, will be opened.

For admission to the doctoral programme, the requirements for admission to the doctoral examination procedure stated within the Doctoral Degree Regulations for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences of 10 September 2015 have to be met. In cases of foreign Master's degree or diploma, the administration office in cooperation with the International Center at Kiel University will check for equivalency. In case your Master studies has not yet been completed, the check will take place once you have handed in a copy of your degree. Afterwards the admission letter will be issued and send. Therefore, please make sure to submit changes within your contact information in time.

At the beginning of each programme's start in October, the Introduction Round takes place. All members of the beginning cohort are invited to join and get more detailed information on the programme's curriculum as well as the administrative framing the structured programme.

Obligatory attendance for the beginning cohort is the Welcome Reception, taking place around mid-November the latest. A networking event, which professors will join, as well as doctoral candidates of the previous cohorts. A lecture by an invited speaker will be the opening, the following buffet will be arranged by the prior cohort.