Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Direct admission by supervision agreement

Deviant from the admission by application, it is possible to be admitted to the doctoral programme directly by a professor. Either the applicant arranged a supervision agreement and/or a working contract with the possibility for a doctorate is basis of the admission.

If you have been admitted directly, please inform the administration office and name your supervising professor!


Following documents have to be handed in by directly admitted doctoral candidates:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • copy of the Bachelors' degree certificate
  • copy of the Master's degree certificate

The documents do not need to be send by postal service, scans send by e-mail are sufficient.
Furthermore, a short note by the supervising professor confirming the supervision is required. The administration office will take care of this confirmation, if it not has been taken care of by the doctoral candidate in advance. Direct admissions can deviate from the regular beginning in October.