Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Financing your doctorate

The doctoral programme "Quantitative Economics" is designed to obtain a doctorate at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences within three years. Your living expenses have to be covered for this period of time, therefore inform yourself beforehand on the possibilities to finance your doctorate.


Stipend by the docotoral programme Quantitative Economics

The doctoral programme itself can only fund up to two stipends annually, which follow the conditions of the federal state regulations (see below). Upon proposal by a selection committee, the students can apply for a scholarship. Approved for one year, the scholarship can be extended for another year depending on an successful application for further funding. Selected candidates will be guided through the process by the Administration Office.

The selection for this stipend is very competitive; we recommend to not only rely on the application for the programme's scholarship!


Stipend by the Oluf-Rieke-Stiftung

The aim of the Oluf-Rieke-Stiftung is the support of the young academics within the field of economics. Depending on the foundation's funds scholarships for doctoral candidates are possible. Prior to an application the programme's administration office has to be consulted.


Federal State funding at Kiel University

Further information is provided by the Graduate Center


Further funding possiblities

For further information on funding possibilites, please visit the website of the Graduate Center and, in cases, arrange for a consultation.

Furthermore, it is possible to apply for a job opening at the Department of Economics and/or Institute for Statistics and Econometrics.