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Information on University of Illinois

Visits at the partner university are possible for doctoral students from the second year on. The stay is supposed to be a research visit; therefore interested candidates should have prepared already a research proposal and have started working intensively on their thesis. While it is possible to visit selected courses at the partner university this should not be the main reason for the visit and Kiel doctoral students should have completed the course programme before travelling abroad. 


The stay can be scheduled for time frames between one week and one semester. Kiel students will not be enrolled at the partner university, their status will be “visiting researcher”. Participation in selected courses at the UIUC is possible upon request. The visiting student will be provided with a workspace, internet access and access to libraries. A major objective of the visit is to integrate the doctoral student into the local research seminars of the hosting department. Every visiting student will be assigned a local professor as mentor during his or her stay.


Accommodation and travel preparation are the visiting student’s own responsibilities; however, the assigned mentor at the partner university can assist in finding an appropriate accommodation. The travel and accommodation costs have to be covered by the visiting students themselves, these expenses cannot be reimbursed by the doctoral programme. Please see section “Funding Opportunities” for information about organisations where applications for stipends are possible. 


How to Apply

Doctoral students who wish to participate in the exchange have to apply for the research stay at the administration office of the programme. The application has to include:

- research proposal

- a motivation letter for the research stay

- a recommendation letter for the research stay from the first supervisor

The head of the programme decides about the application after consultation with the partner university. An early planning of the research stay abroad is recommended, especially for foreign doctoral students, since application and issuing times for visa have to be considered. 


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