Ph.D. Programme Quantitative Economics

Programme's structure

As stated in the Curriculum of the Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics, doctoral candidates have to pass a course programme during the first year of their studies. A course schedule will be designed in cooperation with a mentor, which will be designated at the beginning of the doctoral studies. The mentoring relationship ends once a supervisor has been determined.

In total 30 credit points have to be obtained by the candidates; additional courses can be obtained and credited after consultation with the programme's coordinator. Further 25 credit points have to be obtained by presentation and/or regular participation in the following seminars:

  • Brown Bag Seminar
By the end of the first year, the first report has to be handed in. The research proposal should include content and methodological outlines of the thesis, as well as a detailed time schedule for the research project. By the end of the second year the participation and presentation in the Brown Bag Workshop is obligatory since it is credited as the second required report on the thesis' progress.
In order to submit the doctoral thesis at the end of the studies the Administration Office issues a final certificate, confirming the doctoral candidate has met the programme's curriculum. 
This programme is designed to obtain a doctoral degree within 3 years of full-times studies.