Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Course Credits

Within the first year of the doctoral studies, 30 credit points should be obtained within the course programme:

  • Advanced Macroeconomics I (5 credit points)
  • Advanced Macroeconomics II (5 credit points)
  • Advanced Microeconomics (10 credit points)
  • Advanced Econometrics and Statistics (5 credit points)
  • One specialization course from among those offered in the doctoral programme (5 credit points)


In case the master studies has been completed at Kiel University, courses cannot be transferred. Instead the affected courses have to be replaced. 

During the second year of the doctoral studies our candidates have the opportunity to participate in the Advanced Studies Programm (ASP) at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. In order to replace an examination certificate of the above mentioned courses 2 ASP certificates are required; for replacing 3 examination certificates 5 ASP certificates are required. This regulation is effective as of October 2015 and is not affecting doctoral candidates admitted before. 

Further 25 credit points have to be obtained by research credits.