Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Summer term 2014

Date Location Speaker Topic
28.04.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Philipp Wichardt
University of Rostock
Models and Fictions in Economics
05.05.2014 WSP1
Michael Roos
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
An experiment on fairness in unstructured bargaining
12.05.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Andreas Lange
University of Hamburg
Cooperating on Environmental Goods:
Infinite Play, Uncertain Damages, and Learning
19.05.2014 WSP1
Roland Strauß
Humboldt Universität Berlin
The effectiveness of taxation and feed-in tariffs
26.05.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Alessia Paccagnini
University of Milan Bicocca
Estimating point and density forecasts for the US Economy
with a Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive DSGE model
02.06.2014 WSP1
Dirk Engelmann
University of Mannheim
Who Cares for Social Image?
16.06.2014 WSP1
FIFA World Cup Germany - Portugal
23.06.2014 WSP1
Nicolas Schmitt
Simon Fraser University
Free Trade and Resource Booms:
Lessons from Canada in NAFTA
14.07.2014 WSP1
Carmen Herrero
University of Alicante
Ranking Distributions of Monotone Attributes
04.08.2014 WSP1
Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
University of Illinois
International Trade, Risk and the Role of Banks

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