Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Summer term 2015

Date Location Speaker Topic
20.04.2015 WSP1
Volker Böhm
University of Bielefeld
Rational Expectations and the Stability of Balanced Monetary Development
27.04.2015 WSP1
Katheline Schubert
Université Paris 1
Should we extract more shale gas?
The effect of climate and financial constraints
08.06.2015 IfW
Lecture Hall
Josef Hallmayer
Deutsche Bundesbank
Learning about Banks' Net Worth and the Slow Recovery after the Financial Crisis
29.06.2015 IfW
Lecture Hall
Stephan Kroll
Colorado State University
Pigouvian Taxation in the Lab
06.07.2015 WSP1
Jonas Dovern
University of Heidelberg
A Multivariate Analysis of Forecast Disagreement:
Confronting Models of Disagreement with Survey Data
20.07.2015 WSP1
Tino Berger
University of Göttingen
Testing for time variation in an unobserved components
model for the U.S. economy
24.09.2015 WSP1
Fuad Aleskerov
National Research University
Higher School of Economics
A New Approach to Investigation of Heterogeneity of Higher Education System
(with application to the Russian Higher Education System)

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