Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Summer term 2016

Date Location Speaker Topic
04.04.2016 IfW
Lecture Hall
John Muellbauer
University of Oxford
Consumption and Macroeconomics
18.04.2016 IfW
Lecture Hall
Israel Waichmann
University of Heidelberg
Opening the Black Box of Informal Punishment:
The Effect of Punishment and Feedback Timing on Cooperation
23.05.2016 IfW
Lecture Hall
Michael Kosfeld
University of Frankfurt
Economic Preferences, Dropout from Education, and Transition to the Labor Market
30.05.2016 WSP1
Ingmar Schumacher
IPAG Business Scholl
The role of conflict for optimal climate and immigration policy
06.06.2016 IfW
Lecture Hall
Sandeep Kapur
University of London
NGOs as 'Shiners of Light'
24.06.2016 WSP1
John Weymark
Vanderbilt University
Voting over Selfishly Optimal Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules with a Minimum-Utility Constraint

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