Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Summer Term 2018

Date Location Speaker Topic
09.04.2018 WSP1
16.04.2018 IfW
Eric Strobl
Universität Bern
Cross-Country Insurance and Hurricane Risk: A Fool's Gold?
23.04.2018 WSP1
Lukas Menkhoff
DIW Berlin
Active learning fosters financial behavior: Evidence from rural Uganda
26.04.2018 WSP1
Olli Tahvonen
University of Helsinki
Economics of mixed species forestry with amenities
30.04.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Steve Alpern
University of Warwick
Optimal Voting Order for Juries of Varying Ability who Vote Sequentially
07.05.2018 WSP1
Prof. Anindya Chakrabarti
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Connections: A theory of wedge between fundamentals and observed valuation
14.05.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Peter Tillmann
Universität Giessen
ECB vs. Bundesbank: Disagreement and Policy Effectiveness
28.05.2018 WSP1
Eugen Dimant
University of Pennsylvania
Feel the Power of the Dark Side: Experimental Evidence on the Battle of Norms
04.06.2018 WSP1
Tibor Neugebauer
University of Luxembourg
Arbitrage bots in experimental asset markets
11.06.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
18.06.2018 WSP1
25.06.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Prof. Ulrich van Suntum
Universität Münster
The natural rate of interest in olg-modelling - a double rehabilitation
02.07.2018 WSP1
09.07.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Prof. Florian Zimmermann
University of Bonn & briq

The Dynamics of Motivated Beliefs

16.07.2018 WSP1