Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Winter term 2006/2007

Date Location Speaker Topic
09.10.2006 WSP1
Masahisa Fujita Knowledge Creation as a Square Dance on the Hilbert Cube
17.10.2006 IfW
Lecture Hall
Rick van der Ploeg
European University Institute Florence
Challenges and Opportunities for Resource Rich Economies
23.10.2006 WSP1
Alexander Spermann
Basic Income Reform in Germany:
Drawbacks and Prospects
06.11.2006 WSP1
Alexander Zimper
University of Capetown
Assessing the Likelihood of Panic-Based Bank Runs
13.11.2006 IfW
Lecture Hall
Huw Edwards
Loughborough University Leics
Trade Search and its Implications
20.11.2006 WSP1
Pavlo Blavatskyy
University of Zurich
Decisions and Errors
23.11.2006 WSP7
Jeong-Ryeol Kurz-Kim
Deutsche Bundesbank
Exact Inference and Optimal Invariant Estimation for the Stability Parameter of Symmetric Alpha-Stable Distributions Using Monte Carlo Methods
27.11.2006 WSP1
Prasanta Pattanaik
University of California, Riverside
Ordinal Distance, Dominance, and the Measurement of Diversity
04.12.2006 IfW
Lecture Hall
Stephen Wright
Birkbeck College
Nominal Debt Dynamics, Credit Constraints and Monetary Policy
12:00 - 13:30
Achim Klein
HU Berlin
Identifikation von Handelsstrategien an Finanzmärkten
11.12.2006 WSP1
Hartmut Egger
University of Zurich
Firm Heterogeneity and the Labour Market Effects of Trade Liberalisation
18.12.2006 WSP1
Tanseli Savaser
Williams College
Exchange Rate Response to Macro News:
Through the Lens of Microstructure
08.01.2007 IfW
Lecture Hall
Andreas Krause
University of Bath
Modelling Social Interactions on Networks
15.01.2007 WSP1
Kai Konrad
FU Berlin
Foreign Direct Investment and the Dark Side of Decentralization
20.01.2007 IfW
Lecture Hall
Mintewab Bezabih
Göteborg University
Tenure Insecurity and Transaction Costs in the Land Lease Market:
Implications for Gendered Productivity Differentials
29.01.2007 WSP1
Casilda Lasso de la Vega
University of the Basque Country, Bilbao
Decomposable Inequality Meassures:
The Extended Atkinson Family
05.02.2007 IfW
Lecture Hall
Volker Nocke
University of Pennsylvania
Oxford University
Globalization and Endogenous Firm Scope
08.03.2007 IfW
Lecture Hall
Eric Schaling
Reserve Bank of South Africa
University of Pretoria
CentER Tilburg University
Exchange Rate Regimes, Determinacy, and Learnability in a Two-Block World Economy
13:00 - 14:30
Martin C. Schmalz Directed Gossip Algorithms, Consensus Problems, and Herding in Social and Economic Systems

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