Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Winter term 2010/2011

Date Location Speaker Topic
25.10.2010 WSP1
Ian King
University of Melbourne
The Employed, the Unemployed and the Unemployable:
Direct Search with Worker Heterogeneity
15.11.2010 WSP1
Lone Kronbak
University of Southern Denmark
The Economics of Joint Management of Shared Fish Stocks
Stability Issues from a Methodological Perspective
17.11.2010 Audimax G Christoph M. Schmidt
Präsident des Rheinisch-Westpfälischen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung e.V., Essen
Jahresgutachten 2010/2011 des Sachverständigenrates zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung
29.11.2010 WSP1
Guilherme Valle Moura
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
A Conditionally Heteroskedastic Global Inflation Model
13.12.2010 WSP1
Sourafel Girma
University of Nottingham
Firm Size, Source of Finance and Growth:
Evidence from China
10.01.2011 WSP1
Ganna Pogrebna
University of Warwick
Beliefs, Incentives and Entry into Multiple Markets
24.01.2011 WSP1
Wolfgang Buchholz
Universität Regensburg
Equity as a Prerequisite for Stable Cooperation in a Public-Good Economy - the Core Revisited
26.01.2011 Audimax H Jürgen Stark
Mitglied des Direktoriums der Europäischen Zentralbank
Die globale Finanzkrise: Herausforderungen für die Europäische Zentralbank jetzt und in der Zukunft
31.01.2011 IfW
Lecture Hall
Matthieu Crozet
Paris School of Economics, CEPII
Comparative Advantage and Within-Industry Firms Performance
07.02.2011 WSP1
Fuad Aleskerov
National Research University
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Solution Concepts of Collective Choice Problems and their Applications
14.02.2011 IfW
Lecture Hall
Maximilian Auffhammer
Universtiy of California, Berkeley
Vehicle Weight, Highway Safety and Energy Policy

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