Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Winter term 2011/2012

Date Location Speaker Topic
17.10.2011 WSP1
Pol Antras
Harvard University
Organizing the Global Value Chain
31.10.2011 WSP1
Frank Bohn
Radboud University Nijmengen
University of Maryland
Getting Around Constitutional Limits to Fiscal Policy:
A Model of Political Forecast and Budget Cycles
07.11.2011 IfW
Lecture Hall
Erwin Bulte
Wageningen University
Corruption, Investments and Contributions to Public Goods:
Experimental Evidence from Rural Liberia
14.11.2011 Audimax
Ronald B. Davies
University College Dublin
A Race to the Bottom in Labour Standards?
An Empirical Investigation
21.11.2011 IfW
Lecture Hall
Gabriel Felbermayr
ifo Institut, Univ. München
Selection and the Single-Sector Home Market Effect
28.11.2011 Audimax
John Romalis
University of Chicago
International Prices and Endogenous Quality
05.12.2011 Audimax G Christoph M. Schmidt
Präsident d. Rheinisch-Westpfälischen Institut für Wirtschaftsförderung e.V., Essen
Jahresgutachten 2011/2012 des Sachverständigenrates zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung
30.01.2012 IfW
Lecture Hall
Frederik Sjöholm
Lund University
Globalization and Imperfect Labour Market Sorting
06.02.2012 Audimax
Timo Goeschl
Heidelberg Universität
National Wealth Through Eco-Technologies:
Green Gold or Fool's Gold?
13.02.2012 IfW
Lecture Hall
Bettina Peters
ZEW Mannheim
Jacques Mairesse
Does Innovation Foster Employment?
An International Comparison

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