Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Winter term 2014/2015

Date Location Speaker Topic
30.10.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Bruno Boccara
New York University
Public policy and its psychoanalytic underpinnings
03.11.2014 WSP1
Anke Gerber
University of Hamburg
Sequential Voting and Agenda Manipulation
17.11.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Linda Noestbakken
Norwegian School of Economics
From fossil fuels to renewables:
The role of electricity storage
01.12.2014 IfW
Lecture Hall
Richhild Moessner
Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
Effects on explicit FOMC policy rate guidance on market interest rates
08.12.2014 WSP1
Eugen Dimant
University of Paderborn
Contagion Effects in Crime and the Role of Social Proximity
An Experimental Investigation
10.12.2014 WSP1
Olli Tahvonen
University of Helsinki
Economics of naturally regenerating, size-structured forests:
Goodbye to Martin Faustmann?
15.12.2014 WSP1
Herman R.J. Vollebergh
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Grazing the commons? Forecasting global CO2 emission
12.01.2015 IfW
Lecture Hall
Antonio Filippin
Università Milano
A reconsideration of gender differences in risk attitudes
19.01.2015 WSP1
Stefan Traub
University of Bremen
Competition, Income Distribution and the Middle Class:
An Experimental Study
26.01.2015 IfW
Lecture Hall
Jan Stoop
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Return to Sender:
Ethical Behaviour, Social Class, and Envelopes

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