Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Winter term 2017/2018

Date Location Speaker Topic
04.09.2017 WSP1
Dr. Yoshiyuki Arata
Research Institute for Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo
Shock propagation through supplier-customer relationships:
Ann application of stochastic actor-orientated model
11:15 - 12:45
Prof. Dr. Frank Asche
University of Florida
Institute for Sustainable Food Systems
School of Forest Resources and Conversation
Tools of the trade: export margins in Norwegian trade data
06.11.2017 WSP1
Prof. Alessandro Peri
University of Colorado Boulder
13.11.2017 WSP1
Welcome Reception 2017
Dr. Matthias Lengnick
Finanzministerium Schleswig-Holstein
CAU Kiel
Who needs quantitative economists and why?
Some experiences from practice
20.11.2017 WSP1
Prof. Inge van den Bijgaart
University of Gothenburg
Too slow a change? Deep habits, consumption shifts and transitory tax policy
27.11.2017 IfW
Lecture Hall
Prof. Dr. Tim Krieger
University of Freiburg
Relatedness and International Migrant Selection
11.12.2017 IfW
Lecture Hall
Dr. Andries Richter
Wageningen University and Research
Positive framing does not solve the tragedy of the commons
13.12.2017 IfW
Lecture Hall
Dennis Novy
University of Warwick, UK
Currency Unions, Trade and Heterogeneity
22.01.2018 WSP1
Dr. Patrick Büchel
Head of Market Risk Structured Finance, Commerzbank
Hybrid Exposure Simulation Engine - Calculating Counterparty Risk
29.01.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Prof. Pablo Brañas Garza
Middlesex University London
Born this way? Fetal exposure to testosterone and conflict behavior
05.02.2018 WSP1
Prof. Atle Øgland
University Stavanger
Race to Raise Behavior in Salmon Farming: The Unintended Consequences of Regulations to Limit Growth
12.02.2018 IfW
Lecture Hall
Prof. Maarten Bosker
Erasmus University Rotterdam
A theory of trade in a global production network