Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Completing doctoral studies

The submission of the dissertation at the deanery and the application for admission to the doctoral degree examination are the final steps of the doctorate. Considering the programme's Administration Office only a final certificate confirming the fulfillment of the programme's curriculum is required.

First information on the submission of your thesis is provided by the dean's office.

All further and detailed questions regarding this final stage should be placed with Ms. Gabriele Wenzel at the dean's office. Please note her times of vacation, which are announced on time by an informational e-mail through our mailing list, as well as on our homepage. All matters concerning the doctorate are put on hold during her absence.


For the final certificate by the programme it is necessary to hand in any original course certificates you might have and which should be credited. Especially certificates obtained within the Advanced Studies Program by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (ASP) need to be handed in since they are not forwarded to the programme's Administration Office. Admitted doctoral candidates as of October 2015 or later need to hand in at least two ASP certificates in order to replace a course listed in the curriculum. Furthermore, a short confirmation on your participation and presentation within the Research Area Seminar has to be send to the programme's coordinator by the respective professor.

Please take into consideration that a final certificate needs to be checked and signed by the head of programme before forwarding it to the dean's office for further handling. Due to busines trips and/or vacations this might delay the process of your submission. Once the final certificate has been forwarded to the dean's office and is signed by the dean, the original will stay within your file at place; a copy will be forwarded to the programme's office and you will be informed once it arrives.


Once you have achieved your doctor's degree, you are welcome to join your alumni information on our website.