Doctoral Programme Quantitative Economics

Research Credits

In total 25 credit points have to be obtained by participation and/or presentation at the following seminars:

Erich Schneider Research Seminar (10 credit points)

A weekly seminar on mondays, 4:15 - 6:00 pm, throughout each semester with differing speakers organized by the programme's coordinator. Credits will be assigned for a regular participation, which do not necessarily need to have taken place in one semester.

Regular participation can also be accredited by visiting the Seminar on Statistics and Econometrics held by the Institute for Statistics & Econometrics, if the speaker is not of Kiel University.

To submit to the Erich-Schneider mailing list, please send an e-mail to using "subscribe erich-schneider" as the subject line.

Brown-Bag-Workshop (5 credit points)

All doctoral candidates within the second year are obliged to present their research to their fellow students and supervising professors during the Brown Bag Workshop. The two-day workshop usually takes place at the beginning of July. The goal of the workshop is to give and collect feedback to current research, which is an important part of refining scientific work.

The workshop is open to all faculty members.

Research Area Seminar (5 credit points)

Doctoral candidates have to participate and present within the offered research area seminar.

Credit of Choice (5 credit points)

As credit of choice it is possible to choose between an additional participation and presentation at the Research Area Seminar, further regular participation at the Erich Schneider Research Seminar or a regular participation at the Research Area Seminar offered by the doctoral programme Business Administration.